Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My Latest Brilliant Polical Assessment

You've seen these before, right? I think they are very clever.

With the Sequestration looming, I'm reminded of this meme, but let me back up...

In the past couple of weeks, the liberal talk radio that I listen to has become very angry.  OK, I tend to be liberal, I'll own up to that, but nobody is 100% liberal or 100% conservative or 100% anything.  I'm not looking to convince anyone that "my side" is correct here, so let's not quibble about who is right and who is wrong*.  Anywho, I noticed that the libs seem even angrier about the Sequestration than the days leading up to the election, and I was wondering why that was.

I think it has to do with the way this is all playing out.  I think the Sequester is going to be a BFD**, unlike the Fiscal Cliff***, and I think most liberals would agree with me.  I think if the Sequester happens, our economy is going to be significantly hurt.  What I think the Republicans ought to be worried about is catching the blame for this potential economic shit-storm.  And again, I'm not looking to ascribe blame here, I'm looking to talk about the perception of who is to blame.  What I would be worried about if I were a Republican, is that America, that is the voters of the next election, would pin this on the Republicans like they did when Gingrich shut down the government.  And remember, that shutdown ended Gingrich's political career and ended that whole "Contract With America" conservative/Republican movement.  How the similarities between these 2 situations are not seen by the current Republican leadership, I do not know.

If 6 months or a year from now we are looking back and trying to remember who caused this debacle, I do not see how the Republicans are not going to get blamed.  What I think is angering liberals so much is that the Democrat leadership is trying so hard to avoid the Sequestration right now, while it looks like the Republicans are standing by letting it happen, so that it happens on Obama's watch.  And yes, it does anger me as a college instructor because I believe my job is more secure when there are more available students, and a poor economy more likely means less students capable of going to college.

I repeat, I am not writing to point fingers. I just want to be on record that this could have been avoided and that I am predicting it is going to dramatically affect Republicans, image-wise in the next round of elections. 

Getting back to the meme...

This is what I think Republicans think they look like:

And this is what I think Republicans look like to the rest of us:

In closing, I hope some miracle politicking occurs and the Sequester is avoided.  I'm doubtful, but I hope that happens.  Republicans, don't kill the messenger, if it does and America blames you.

*We all know I'm right anyways.
**Big Fucking Deal
***Yo, I'm Fiscal Cliff****
****Not a BFD

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T-Bird said...

too funny re what the GOP thinks and actually does look like